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6 Concrete Suggestions for Entrepreneurs from SXSW


There is one conference in the world that combines film, music and interactive technology. That conference is called: South By Southwest: SXSW. Or Southby for short. Southby is the spot where trends, ideas, developments and gadgets are being shared. In March this year I visited this conference in Austin (USA) together with my colleagues Arne Gillert and Arjan de Hoog.

There was lots and lots of inspiration. I attended sessions with growth hacker Tammy Camp, with author Tim Ferriss, with Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, with Twitter founder Biz Stone and many more. In the upcoming days I’ll share my 6 most interesting outcomes from SXSW for entrepreneurs through cartoons and mini-blogs. What can you as an entrepreneur learn from this flow of inspiration and innovation, coming from Texas?

I will post 1 cartoon and mini-blog every day here. In between you can check out this video, which gives a 2 minute impression of an awesome time in Austin.


#1 - Have fun

#2 - Add value

#3 - Get fans

#4 - Find the gold

#5 - Experiment a lot

#6 - Make something