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SXSW #6: Make something

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The 6th out of 6 Concrete Suggestions for Entrepreneurs from SXSW

I've shared 5 concrete suggestions for entrepreneurs from SXSW this week, through cartoons and mini-blogs. The sixth and last one is: Make something!
As an innovative entrepreneur you’ve got your ideas about cool new apps, products or environments. There’s a risk that these ideas just stay ideas. That they aren’t being put into practice. If this is a serious risk for you or your business, it might help to make something everyday. In an interview with Julian Boorstin from CNBC, Pete Cashmere, CEO and founder of Mashable, shared the suggestion that the best way to be creative is to make something.
If you want to become a moviemaker, you have to make a little movie everyday and learn from your mistakes. If you want to become a comedian, post a joke everyday. Learn from you mistakes. And it gets you in a habit of frequency.
I’ve shared my six most important lessons for entrepreneurs from SXSW through cartoons this week, because I want to inspire other entrepreneurs. Which one did you like most? I’m eager to hear your feedback!