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SXSW #5: Experiment a lot

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The 5th out of 6 Concrete Suggestions for Entrepreneurs from SXSW


During the week I share 6 concrete suggestions for entrepreneurs from SXSW, through cartoons and mini-blogs. The fifth one is: Experiment a lot.

Once you’ve found your gold, how do you define your strategy to make it bigger? A very fun and effective way to find a useful strategy for your business is to experiment a lot.

It is very hard to predict which strategy will make the difference for your business. You can just copy strategies from very successful companies. But there’s a big chance, they won’t be the right ones for you, because other companies deal with particular issues. So you have to find out by yourself. You have to explore in real practice. From Tammy Camp, 'Distribution Hacker in Residence at 500 Startups’, I’ve learned that a good way to find your strategy is to initiatie three experiments a week, exploring your clients needs and behavior. Check the impact of your experiments. And when you see big impact, this strategy works for you. Expand it!

At this moment I’m experimenting with using Instagram to broaden my platform and get in touch with a bigger audience. I’ve not checked the web-analytics yet, so I’m not sure yet if this is a useful strategy… How’s you next experiment going to look like?