internet of things

Moving into the Internet of Things

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We hardly notice it, but the world is changing - bit by bit our streets, offices, homes and communities are being transformed by new technologies that are transforming how we live - things that 5 years ago were almost unknown...


The micro-chip is about as small as it will ever be, and now the innovation opportunities are in finding new devices and new ways of working and communicating using the technology available.


Some examples are shown here in the pdf attached - hologram receptionists, drones, electric cars, re-fashioned banks, self-service supermarkets and airports...


What are the implications of this for learning, professional growth and development?  While on the one hand there is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the new technologies to support learning processes and find creative ways, for example, of using social media to create learning communities, (in real time and over distance), there is also a danger of losing personal connection in support of learning.  And that we create increasingly 'disembodied' and efficient but soulless organisations.  Perhaps the important thing is to retain a sense of fun, human perspective, and to see sometimes the ridiculousness of the world we live in as we embrace the new possibilities!