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This Saturday morning, the moment was finally there. Pieterjan van Wijngaarden, Frauke Schmid-Peter, Tjip de Jong (Kessels & Smit), Bronne Pot (CDA) Tine de Bruin and Lizelotte de Bruijn (first-year students of The Hague University) arrived in Tbilisi after a long flight.  The project is finally going to start. After a short night of just 4h sleep, we started at 11 o’clock with a team meeting at the KAS-office. The Eduardo Frei Foundation (affiliated with the CDA), is co-founder of the project together with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The team consists out of 16 members from Georgia, Armenia and Holland. The program was discussed further developed and everyone was surprised by each other passion, motivation and enthusiasm. It was nice to see that the local team of experts and coordinators were well prepared. And because of everyone’s input and experiences it was very clear what the next morning had to be done to make this program a perfect program. It is going to be a busy day, where for the last time the team is going to work on the 4 committees, the workshops and the opening. After a good division of tasks for the next day, it was time for lunch. We had our lunch in a restaurant close the KAS-office with a beautiful view over the old city part of Tbilisi. Here we enjoyed of a lovely meal with traditional Georgian food like khachapuri, green Terragon drink and of course Borjomi (water with a specific flavour). It was a lunch with nice conversations about politics, culture and of course the project itself. After lunch the team split up and everyone was going to do his or her own program at the hotel, home or at the office. All in all, this was a promising start to a hopefully nice week!