SXSW #4: Find the Gold

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The 4th out of 6 Concrete Suggestions for Entrepreneurs from SXSW


This week I'm sharing 6 concrete suggestions for entrepreneurs from SXSW, through cartoons and mini-blogs. This is the fourth one: Find the Gold.

More than once, you can find gold at your blind spots. But it’s difficult. There’s that one unique selling point, that personal talent, or that one approach that’s very helpful for clients. How can you become a gold digger?

Finding the gold, starts with looking. How do you look? And where do you focus on? Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and founder of Super, stated in an interview that you can learn from everything. Even in bad times, there’s got to be at least something that you’ve done at the right way. Zoom in, unpack it, make it your thing! Discover that little piece of gold and make it bigger.

What was the worst project you’ve done for years? Which spark of light can you identify in the process? That’s the gold!