Talent development


Discovering and utilising talents

Talent development is focused on supporting people in discovering and applying their talents in their work. Starting points are personal questions and their strengths. We help organisations that want to stimulate the development of their employees' talents.


We regard talent as natural patterns in thinking and doing. People who work on the basis of their talent are productive and effective, and feel more energetic. When you know your talents, you are able to develop them. You can do this by looking at your successes and also at situations where applying your talents does not yet work well.  

Firstly, this requires willingness from the employees to work on the development of their talent. Next to this, managers, HR professionals and internal coaches play a crucial role. Creating space for talent in an active way is called job crafting: making (small) changes in your work in order to experience more energy and pleasure. 


We intentionally talk about talent development not about talent management. You can support and stimulate people’s talent development, but it is impossible to manage it.

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