Last summer we sat together with a group of colleagues during our annual K&S Working Days to talk about our work around societal issues. Each of us works on projects that explicitly address big and socially relevant questions, such as the future of a region or country, and is eager to create more space for this type of work. From our conversation a new initiative emerged called ‘GetTogetherTo’. To enable us to share our work with each other and with others and to create a platform from which we can do more of these projects.


Visiting projects of colleagues

And hence here we are on a ten-hour flight to South Africa, blogging about our journey. This week we will visit various projects with social impact initiated by different colleagues. Robert van Noort will take us to a young entrepreneurial hub to be in Mamelodi. Together with four young entrepreneurs and Essent he makes an effort to turn this project into a success. And we will meet our South African colleague and owner of SpringAGE Neliswa Fente. She developed a beautiful concept called SpringBREAK that we are planning to introduce at a Dutch school in September.


Promoting social entrepreneurship amongst Dutch and South African youth

In this school, around 100 students participate in the Academy for Entrepreneurship, in which students learn to be entrepreneurs by setting up their own businesses for the good part of a year and finish the year with an (international) internship.


We are planning to turn this year's edition into something special. We are bringing the SpringAGE methodology to the Netherlands and intend to organize SpringBREAKS about different socially relevant themes from which the start-ups of the students will emerge. We also like to create a special link with South Africa in this edition, by working on themes or issues that are both relevant to the Netherlands and South Africa, creating international start-ups, linking the young Dutch entrepreneurs with young entrepreneurs in South Africa and by promoting internships in South Africa. During our trip to South Africa we are going to explore possible partnerships and themes to work on. We also hope to link this idea to the young entrepreneurs in Mamelodi and to bring the idea further.

We will keep you posted on our whereabouts and experiences in the upcoming weeks. Any ideas, suggestions or possible links to other projects are welcome! Mail us at jkabalt@kessels-smit.com or avanbuurt@kessels-smit.com.