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HRD and learning organisations in Europe

von: saskia tjepkema copy1 111990526368 Saskia Tjepkema, Hilde ter Horst, Sally Sambrook, Jim Stewart (eds.) - ; Herausgeber: Routledge   18-02-2002

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'Lifelong learning' is moving from buzzword to reality for ever more workers. Firms increasingly need their workers to be active, self-directed learners who contribute to innovations and improvements of processes, products and services. Companies that explicitly encourage and support worker learning, from a strategic perspective, are called 'learning organizations'.
This book is the result of a European study into the changing views and practices of professionals in the field of Human Resource Development within such organizations.
Focusing on Europe, the book contains authors and research from Finland, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. Theoretical explorations of the learning organization and the changing face of HRD complement nearly thirty case studies of HRD functions.
This book will be essential reading for both academics and professionals in the fields of HRD and lifelong learning.