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Playful Perspectives

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More and more of today's organisations and communities are developing ever more inspiring ways of making a difference. This is being made possible by mavericks and front runners – amazing leaders and influencers in the places we live and work.


Often, this comes from a new way of working: bringing in new perspectives around imagination, vision, playfulness and orchestration. This is not management or change as we know it – it is about making movement in a completely different way.


We can do more...

At Kessels & Smit we feel privileged to be working with people and organisations that are committed, and pioneering these ways of working. Both our colleagues and clients are shaping new ways of doing things in a more inspiring way.


And even then, we can do more.


Seeking out the playful people

We are setting out to collaborate with the leading lights of playful perspectives in the UK, in the coming months. Our aim is to work with people with a different kind of spark, to bring in their challenges, to open up radical perspectives to learning, change, effectiveness, work and broader social aspects such as education, social development.


Plans for a learning event

We will invite a group of such 'leading lights' to bring specific work challenges, and to work together in a programme, that is about deepening the impact that they make, and collectively learning about new ways of making movement.


Our role will be to hold a space, to design the programme or event, to input with our kind of creativity and facilitation, and to maximise the learning we all take out of it.


Our aim is to create a unique learning experience, dedicated to shaping the future of how we do things. Check the site later or get in touch to find out more!