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Recognising talent at NS. A field study of the potential of the staff.

Door: Robert van Noort, Heike Wabbels - ; Bron: NS   16-03-2006

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What is talent? What is potential? Does the management of Netherlands Railways look at potential in the same way and how can they get a better grip on this stubborn concept? These are all questions that arose during our search to find (better) ways of locating and utilising the potential of the staff.


The results of the study are presented in this booklet. Not as yet another list with criteria for 'potential', but in cartoon format. The themes for 'potential' are the ability to learn, ambition, strength of character, head and heart, surprises, making the time for things, and making connections. In addition, the second part of the booklet includes relevant background information and a number of findings from the study.