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You always fix things!


" Mom, this is for you! You always fix things." That's what my daughter said when she saw the vacancy to join the Go team at Kessels & Smit. And that's right, I'm a centipede who loves to organise, at work and at home. That passion fits in perfectly with my role as secretarial support. 


100 and 1 requests in one day


I like the variety in my work. At the same time it is sometimes searching: How do you process 100 and 1 requests a day? I try to categorise all the questions that come in. I'm getting better and better at setting priorities. What is urgent and what is needed now and what can be done at a later time? Sometimes I want to go too fast and then I forget to ask. I know that this is important. When I know who, what, where, when, why and how I can organize things better . So that it can be "fixed" really well.


Instructions for use


Every human being has his or her own instructions for use. One is more formal, the other likes to joke. I try to fit in well with that in my contacts with colleagues, advisors and customers. Then you notice that a conversation starts to flow. There are a lot of us and there are also a lot of contacts on the phone, so there is a lot to learn. That's nice. In my working life, I've been a relationship manager until now. That hasn't really changed, only now it's a bit more literal what I do. 


Peace and quiet in the dovecote


What I find special about our company is that on the one hand we are all individuals with our own working practices and on the other hand we are able to present ourselves to the outside world as one single company. To me, K&S sometimes looks like a dovecote, where everyone flies in and out. I stay in place and hope that this will ensure peace and quiet, both internally and externally. It's actually what my daughter means by fixing. I hope that colleagues and those who speak to me will experience with me: "if I put it with her, it will be all right." 


Maybe we'll talk to each other on the phone or at the Maliebaan....



If it can't be done the way it should be, then it should be done the way it can be done!


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