In Memoriam: Robert van Noort

“Where a person, his work environment and the wider social environment meet each other: that’s where I am in my element.”


Our dear colleague Robert van Noort has passed away. 


For well over 20 years, Robert played an important role in our company - as a networker, entrepreneur and source of inspiration to many. He joined shortly after The Learning Company was founded in 1996, seeking to make a difference from the outset. 


In working with clients, society and with us he always showed tremendous energy and a strong commitment to the people and causes he engaged with. ‘Just about’ or ‘good enough’ were not his words; he always went the extra mile, and pushed limits in order to maximize possibilities and impact. 


We are grateful for his passion, sharp eye, wisdom and humour. Robert was a man of big dreams, who also set out to realise them. He considered the world his playing field and worked in many places around the globe. 


It is still difficult to imagine that he is no longer here. And it makes us sad that Robert, always so adept at creating new perspectives and opportunities, in the end was not able to find any for himself. Our company is different without him. 



Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company colleagues from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South Africa.