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Frauke Schmid-Peter accompanies teams and executives in change processes. As a consultant, coach and intercultural trainer, she is passionate about finding out what people are really about. She is convinced that solutions and productive cooperation can arise above all when people work with what is essential to them. This can be in teams that want to take their collaboration to the next level. Or in participative processes, in which it is a matter of productively using the knowledge and wealth of experience of the individual for topics and decisions. Often it is also interculturally colourful groups or teams who are curious to learn more about their differences in order to be able to connect with each other in a different way.

When working with teams, Frauke Schmid-Peter is keen to open up a space in which the essential can be discussed easily. A space in which team members explore together what is currently the core. A space in which even the difficult can be discussed - in order to then shape thinking and acting differently together. And thus to shape the future as a team together. Experience has shown that a radical view of talent is profitable in order to make diversity a topic of appreciation and to transform friction into productive energy.



Participative processes live from the fact that the experiences and interests of the individuals can flow in and at the same time the view of the big picture is not lost. Whether it is the shaping of the civil society participation process within the G20 (C20) in 2015 or 300 employees of an honorary intercultural education organisation who want to make as much joint decisions as possible by consensus and as little plenary debate as possible.  The aim here is to develop a suitable methodology that combines depth of content and pragmatism.

Living in Ecuador, Israel and the Netherlands has motivated Frauke Schmid-Peter to repeatedly deal with the challenges of intercultural cooperation. In her work with interculturally colourful teams and groups, she invites people to combine cognitive explanations with personal experiences and thus to change their perspective by means of content impulses and experience elements.

Frauke Schmid-Peter discovered her passion for supporting people and groups in their learning at the age of 17. What began as an honorary activity in intercultural education work, she professionalized by studying psychology (diploma) in Bremen, Leiden (NL) and Hamburg as well as various further education courses as (intercultural) trainer, systemic coach and conflict consultant (among others Alexander Redlich).

After graduating, Frauke Schmid-Peter first worked as a lecturer for teaching development at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hamburg and as an intercultural trainer. At the same time, more and more projects in the field of (intercultural) team development and productive workshop design were developed. Since 2011 she is part of Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company and works with clients in business, university and social profit.

Frauke Schmid-Peter is fluent in German, English and Spanish.


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