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Stories have the power to connect

I live in the conviction that many stories within organisations are often not told. In my opinion, everyone has a story that is worth sharing. Especially when it comes to change or an issue. To what extent do we know each other and each other's perspectives? That's why I see it as my mission to make people aware of the power of their story; to draw up these stories and to build a bridge between departments, cultures and especially people within organisations. That's why, as an organisation reporter, I dive into the world of organisations to look for people and their stories about issues and changes that play a role. In this way I link individual stories (micro perspectives) to the collective story (macro perspective). This approach ensures that the various images, stories and perspectives that exist within an organisation around a change or issue are brought closer together. So that we understand each other better.


Je suis comme les autres

The combination of my studies in Media Science and Intercultural Communication brought me to this field. I remember my internship in Burkina Faso at the National Television. There, together with a local team, I made a documentary about children with brain damage. I wanted to create awareness for the fact that these children are also children and deserve a place in society. At a private organisation we filmed how children with attention and personal care got a smile on their faces. I also enjoyed the recognizable dynamics in the school classroom: from bully to smart-ass. A child stood up and said: "Je suis comme les autres." I am like the others, or: I am also human. That touched me.


Double perspective

And then, during my Master's in Intercultural Communication, I came across the concept of 'double perspective'. This concept is so essential, because mutual understanding can arise from a double perspective. It's about getting to know each other and empathizing with the other side of the story. There is no such thing as a single truth. That is why it is so important to retrieve a variety of stories and perspectives, so that there is room for the whole story. Because by understanding each other, there is room to build on that one goal to which everyone (in any kind of organization) contributes.


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Everyone has a story worth sharing.


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