Berlin: looking for the secret of innovation and learning

It is a well known 'recipe' for pop artists struggling with their inspiration: if you ever lose your 'flow', the best place to go to is Berlin... Submerging yourself in this city's energy and creativity is guaranteed to help you rekindle your own flow. Will the city have the same effect on consultants and coaches? Not that we are running short on inspiration - on the contrary!! - but more is always welcome Lachen. Berlin seems like a great place to visit and learn from. So we're planning a study trip! Well... more of a discovery tour....


Berlijn as a 'hot spot'

In the first week of September, the international community of consultants and a few guests will head off to Berlin. Looking for its 'vibe' Berlin is what Lynda Gratton would call a 'hot spot' ... A place buzzing with energy, entrepeneurial spirit and creativity. That attracts people who, in turn, stimulate innovation and learning with their ideas and experiments. What makes it so? Is it the relatively young age of the Berlin people? Does it have something to do with its special history? Or with the way in which the city is built and maintained? We don't know, but we are going to see what we can find out. Anyone with tips and advice: they are welcome!


Learning city --> Learning workplace

Our trip, for which we will be preparing in the coming weeks, will take place early September. Aftwer which we will make sure to share what we have learned by then. Through a blog such as this, and other publications, but mostly through our work. The thought behind our journey is that we will use the ideas which we will gather from Berlin, to help build workplaces and organisations in which knowledge sharing, discovery, learning and innovation will flow.... From 'learning city' to 'learning workplace'. To be continued!


If you want to read more, you might enjoy this slideshare presentation made by Philippe Bailleur.