Young Professionals - the Heroic Journey

Still on my topic on Young Professionals - South African youth will lead the world!!


This is what I am saying and perhaps if there are debates about this, I am certainly up for the challenge. Perhaps there are people who share the same belief as myself - if yes, maybe we can find ways of making sure that this does happen.


Last week Saturday we gathered a group of young people in Unit 7 at the Rosebank Firestation (our offices in Johannesburg) to come and share their ambitions and dreams using the Heroic Journey as a framework. The learning was mind blowing, radiating from the group (from the ages of 17 – 27).


We are passionate about the potential of what the minds of South Africa can offer the world and we understand the power of dialogue. Just listening to their values told us that South Africa is built on a solid foundation of family values, tolerance for each other, resilience to keep moving and my favourite, respect.


The quests that were shared, were inspirational, big ideas and adventures. The test and challenges have not held anyone back from understanding the learning that is meant to come out of their own challenges . Everyone was of the understanding that tests and challenges are meant to give us feedback on our given paths. Being so young, having a long life ahead of us, we have so many challenges still to come but with each one, we not only learn more, but we also get good at turning them into opportunities!


This was an amazing Journey for me as I thought about my life and my Journey, I was interested to connect to people of the same age and also connect on the similarities of our lives and challenges. It was inspiring to envision people’s dreams and ambitions.


We are creating a positive movement on how we see our current situations and the future, we are facilitating different internal conversations, we think this is the right way to start.


We are getting coaching and thus we keep learning, we are having lots of FUN. We are teaching our peers and people around us a new game and everyone seems to be getting the hang of it.

Will keep you posted on our next move!