Now open: K&S Cafe!!

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We are proud to tell you that our K&S Cafe is now open!

In our Cafe you will find brief messages about stuff that fascinates us. People who inspire us. Movie clips that make us think.  Initiatives that kindle our enthusiasm. Stories that touch us. Questions that intrigue us. In this Cafe we put them to you. With an invitation to respond!

Click on a beer mat to read the message. And feel free to add your response. That way, we inspire each other.

The K&S cafe is an international meeting place. So you'll find messages in English, German and Dutch. Posted by colleagues from the international K&S network, using media such as the Internet, phone or Twitter.


For us it is a way to experiment with social web media and to pick up 'weak signals' of new developments. We're curious to see how it will work, and hope to see you there.

Have fun!