Nose around and find new stuff

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Every now and then it is great fun to sit down and go through a dictionary and to read about everything you already knew, and to find some new things as well. There are two databases that I like to use for this professionally:  ICVET and the INFED the encyclopaedia of informal education.  ICVET promotes new ideas and practice in teaching and learning. For numerous topics  (from appreciative inquiry, action research and evaluation to workplace learning and working with groups)  the website offers a short introduction, a selection of related websites and articles. These links contain practical tools, ideas for ways of working (see for instance this list of 'icebreakers' here). INFED offers a wide variety of topics that relate to learning and education. Besides the topics they also give good information on ‘great thinkers and writers’ such as Argyris, Dewey, and Freire.  They give a good overview including references.