Who we are

Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, is a group of 50 professionals with a passion for learning and development. From our bases in The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and Germany we support individuals, organisations and communities around the world in learning & development issues. We strive for solutions that build individual growth, sustainable organisational development, knowledge productivity, innovation and change.


We call ourselves The Learning Company because:

  • Learning is at the heart of what we do - without learning there is no growth, no improvement, no innovation. Therefore we aim to create and facilitate powerful learning processes.
  • We would like to be good company: we work together with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, scientists in development processes because we believe the best solutions are developed in partnerships.
  • We constantly renew our organisation and approaches. Our company is our ‘laboratory’ where we experiment and find our own answers for learning & development issues that face knowledge-intensive companies.


Clients and questions

We work for government bodies, health care institutions, educational organisations and businesses on training, learning, knowledge productivity and innovation. From a strong focus on education and training in the early years of our consultancy practice our work area has broadened, now including strategic choices regarding focus and design of organisations. The development of responsible leadership, sustainability and societal entrepeneurship are an important focus to us. For us, these topics are inherently linked together. With our company of consultants we aspire to be responsible societal partners for learning and development, for innovation and sustainability.