Our roles

Kessels & Smit consultants facilitate learning processes in a variety of ways. We work as:

  • Designers: we design learning and development interventions, ranging from a one-day workshop, to a school curriculum, to a long-term organisational development process.
  • Developers: we elaborate ideas and concepts into practical approaches and materials - ready to use.
  • Coaches and facilitators: we facilitate learning in action in a wide range of settings, such as individual coaching, workshops, supporting work groups, large group interventions, facilitating change teams.
  • Researchers: we use experiments, participative inquiry and action research to kick-start innovation - research as an intervention. And we also participate in academic research projects, as a contribution to the further development of the human resources field.
  • Process consultants: working with clients to find innovative answers to strategic learning & development questions, and developing new policies for talent development in the client organisation.


And one could also say that we are:

  • Partners: we don’t work for clients, we work with them. And we bring different parties together in the process because we find that innovative solutions come from including multiple perspectives.
  • Do-ers and builders: we don’t simply give advice, we like to create and put ideas into action. Learning-by-creating is a very effective development strategy!
  • Innovators: problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them... So we constantly look for new ways and new approaches to keeping things fresh and achieving special results.
  • Networkers: we look for partners, colleagues, and develop and support networks to share and learn from each other.
  • Entrepeneurs: we build new companies and organisations if it helps us to create room for innovation and an economic basis for the work that we aspire to do.
  • Authors: we write about our work, tools and approaches to share with others.
  • Learners: our personal and professional development is on-going: lifelong learning, exploration and discovery is inherent to our work.