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Theo Visser


You might well say that I have a passion for learning. I have been actively creating and facilitating learning processes for the last 20 years. How can you keep innovating yourself?! People ask me that question often. Learning happens to be my mainspring, my incentive. I like to work together with others on problems. That inspires enormously and makes innovation happen. That might well be the essence of learning: taking steps towards the future together.


Focus on that what gives you energy

Attention for the positive aspects of the job makes sure you see them more consciously and will use them. The strange thing is, that our attention is more often drawn to things that don't go so well or disturb us. Here also counts, when you focus on it, these negative aspects grow. Before you know it, you are in a downward spiral and your battery is flat.
I like to get to work with people to get into an upward spiral. To focus what it is all about, where you work for? Where is your energy? When will your eyes glimmer and will you go to work with a smile on your face? The answers to these questions are the starting point to organize your job -resources, so you can you can go to work with a fully loaded battery.


Focus on results, use your talent

Executives play an important role within organizations. They connect people and inspire them to achieve goals. At least, that is the idea. I regularly talk with employees who think their executive doesn’t do his job the right way. I also talk to executives who think that the employees are hard to control. They tell me, instead of telling each other. In that case I help to improve the dialogue and make it constructive. Both parties have their own responsibility here. The executives need to be transparent of their expectations and giving space to their employees. Employees need to use their talent to their best ability and communicating their goals. This way, focus on results and making space for talent can go together very well.


Practical with a twist

Making things simple, that is what I love. Preferably with complex issues that matter. A good learning project connects learning with work. It can be very valuable to schedule of moment of reflection or to train certain skills. But in the end things need to be done in the everyday practice. At the same time, that is also a pitfall. We all cherish our patterns, routines and automatisms. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have a problem with saying goodbye to them. I make these habits negotiable and challenge people by using creative methods. By looking differently at your own reality, you will get new insights and actions. I enjoy that immensely.