Our drive

We believe in building from strengths. Every person and every situation has potential: small successes are already there, talents and drive are within every person. Tapping into this is the basis for our work. We build on what is there and what is possible, instead of what is lacking and what is impossible. We build on what people can and want to do, instead of what people are unable to or don’t want to do. Our aim is to facilitate growth by unleashing potential and energy in individuals and groups.


Kessels & Smit consultants are not only concerned about HOW to create powerful learning, the WHAT and WHY is also important to us. Our ambition is to create learning opportunities and facilitate learning processes that help:

  • ...individuals make the most of their talents and passion, empower them to take responsibility for their development and their work and to create a future for themselves where they can fulfil their potential.
  • ...organisations to be a nurturing context for the most motivated people; inspiring and challenging them to use their talents to create common value, contributing to sustainable positive outcomes for people, planet and prosperity.
  • ... society to be a sustainable, safe, caring, conscious and responsible environment for all living species.


We focus our work on creating value on each of these dimensions and on the interaction between these dimensions.