Designing learning interventions


Merging learning and working

Learning is not a goal in itself, neither is designing. We design learning interventions to solve an organisational problem or to get a dreamed-of future within reach.

A design is successful if it helps people learn something new, so that they can keep on doing their job. Such a design can be formal, in which people can prepare for certain tasks, functions or professions, for example, through education, training or courses. Nowadays, learning interventions are increasingly connected to the job. We support people in learning together both in and from working situations. In these cases, the learning and the working environment converge for the greater part.

Design approach: craftsmanship and involvement 

In our approach, we look for a suitable form of collaboration with our client. Designing learning programmes is a profession. We master that profession; we are able to translate a question into an effective programme by means of systematic design steps. At the same time, we know that it is necessary to involve interested parties in the design process. This does not mean that we ask our principals to take over our job. We give them a role in the process, which enables them to bring in their specific expertise and knowledge of the context. This provides support, internal consistence and a collective vision for the goal and approach of the learning process. All in all, that has a great influence on the effectiveness of the programme. 

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