Nina Timmermans


What gives energy?

I support people in their personal development and organizations in building powerful relationships. I do this by looking for and building on personal energy. An appreciative view ensures that you see and use each other's talents and qualities. I support teams by working in a solution-focused way and by doing this I bring air into a conversation about results, essential questions or issues that play a role. I believe that differences between people offer an interesting starting point for investigating how you work together on results with meaning. 

Zoom in

Connection requires zooming in. To stand still at what matters to you personally, so that you can make contact with others from here. This requires rest and space in your head, work and life. I would like to explore with you where and how you can give shape to this. In development projects I build in space for reflection. I have an eye for the talents of people and help to see where and how you can make more use of them. I see this as a continuous process and continue to engage in it myself, for example by making the book Life of your time. Or to organise a roadworks week.


Zoom out

Connecting requires zooming out. For example, by mapping out the bigger picture and discussing what you want to achieve as a team or organisation. When it is clear where an organisation wants to move towards, we can investigate how leadership and professionalisation contribute to this. And that also applies the other way around. A question about the design of a new leadership program invites you to talk about what you stand for as an organisation. I shape a powerful and inclusive process in which substantive results are worked on in a short period of time. For example, during a design week.
As a professional, I work with a lot of love in education. As a teacher I teach the course Coaching and Development for Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University.

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives
Annie Dillard


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