Lieve Scheepers


Everything you give attention calms down

I like to give room to that which requires attention. Because I believe that who and what feels heard becomes calm. Because who feels seen becomes stronger. The tension for an individual conversation, a team meeting: it is always there. Sometimes it feels pleasant, sometimes difficult, usually both. I like to explore all these emotions and thoughts in contact with the other(s). They are powerful protectors of our underlying vulnerability. With kindness, appreciation and from the awareness that not knowing often leads to the best insights. My intuition is more and more my compass.

I like to bring people together from a warm hospitality where all voices are welcome. Because I believe in the power of the encounter and the wealth of the diversity. In which meaningful conversations can arise that bring people further in the movement they are in. And because I believe that personal warmth contributes to a context in which people can tell their stories about what concerns them and can listen with attention. So that they can then continue to work in the direction of their desire and their goals. 


I like to help build beautiful places. Build organizations and environments where it is good to live and work. I mainly focus on management teams and managers because they are the most important context builders for their people. 


I'm also building Plateau: the house that I'm opening up to meeting, learning and celebrating, and which is filling up more and more with visitors, peers and their stories. Just about everything I have to offer as a professional and as a human being comes together here.

This inspires me


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