Encouraging leadership

There is no clear-cut definition of ‘Good Leadership’. What is needed differs for each person, department and organisation and changes over time. We do not consider leadership to be quality that is exclusive to individuals that manage groups of people. Everybody can show leadership.

When you have a leadership position, you are continuously challenged to move across a wide range of roles. We differentiate between the following leadership roles:

  • In the role of leader, you develop a vision, inspire others, take away fear of the future while keeping one eye on the horizon;
  • As an entrepreneur, you take the initiative and are alert to signals in the market. You create chances, take risks and invest in opportunities;
  • In the role of manager, you take care of what needs to be done and take part in organising this;
  • As a developer, you support and coach others in their personal growth, in doing their jobs and in finding innovative approaches.

Leadership requires the ability to sense which role is needed in a particular moment and to switch between roles when necessary. For that, a continuous interaction with people inside the organisation is required. Leaders that are capable of initiating, supporting and guiding a process of conversation can make a real difference and can be accepted as a leader. That is how connections and collective ambitions arise. “Leadership is a conversation” is the title of a HBR article (2012) that describes this in a very apt way. 
This makes great demands in terms of courage, transparency and self-reflection. We are willing to support leaders in this through, for example individual coaching, support of management teams, management development, interim management and Development Centers.

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