Katrien Massa

Recognising what there is, makes room for what can be

My work

My work is situated at the crossroads of organisational, leadership and team development: designing and supervising change and development processes, coaching and facilitating cooperation.

Learning and change processes fascinate me. Especially when it comes to bringing people closer to the best in themselves and to their essence as an organisation. I do this by investigating what is important to them and what results they want to achieve with their work. From there, we arrive at realising what is already present as a potential. I like to compare my role in this with that of a catalyst.

I prefer to work in close contact with leaders and their supporters. Being a partner and working together is, in my opinion, an important key to effective and sustainable change.

You get confidence in what is to come, by acknowledging what is already there and, if necessary, by giving it new meanings. From my background in developmental mediation, consciousness development and neuro linguistic programming, I focus on meaningful interaction and organizational patterns. I indicate what people can strengthen in the way they interact with each other, so that their cooperation becomes optimal and their organization gains power.

In 1994 I graduated as a bio-engineer at the University of Ghent. Afterwards, when working as an engineer, I became facinated more and more by the human side of processes, so I made the step towards personnel and organisational development. In 2001, I became an independent consultant and since the start in 2003 in Belgium, I have helped shape Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company.

The paradox of life

We're all movement, a driving life force that wants to keep moving.
And we are all structure, a manifestation that wants to continue to exist.
The paradox of life is the tension between what we want to be and remain as structure and what we want to become as movement, a developing driving universal force.


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