Janni Schipper


Realising beautiful learning programmes with others

It's my drive to be meaningful with others. I prefer to work in teams, always looking for opportunities to work together. That gives me energy. I also like to give direction. Taking care of others is more than just a matter of arranging things, everything has to be well taken care of. I like aesthetics. It's in art and clothing, but also in the material I make, or the locations I'm looking for for clients.
My main role is to coordinate the various courses of the Foundation of Corporate Education (FCE). It's all about learning together, discovering and shaping new developments. I enjoy working for the teams, in which plenty of connections and ideas emerge. Then I try to create conditions under which the learning of the participants is optimal and the supervisors can fully concentrate on the cooperation with the group, without having to worry about the context that is necessary for this. I enjoy it when I am in control, when I know exactly what's going on and can exert influence at the right moments. I am a spider in the web. It's nice to be able to let others benefit from that.
I become happy when, in cooperation with others, I can give shape to beautiful projects with clear results. At Kessels & Smit I do this for some projects in consultation with colleagues, at the FCE for the courses together with the supervisors.


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