Arjan de Hoog


Making work easier, faster and more pleasing

In networks and organizations, the use of ICT has really taken off,  but much more is still possible. To give a simple example: sending out newsletters. This often happens by e-mail, is complicated and slow. A simple solution as Mailchimp is easier, faster and more pleasing..

That is what I like to do: contributing my expertise to projects, so the work becomes easier, faster and more pleasing.

I   finished my studies in Digital Communications. That is a broad area of expertise: designing and developing apps and websites; making applications more usable; taking advantage of social media in the work place; marketing; seek-engine optimization and much more. It is   not always possible to cover this entire field of business in our day -to -day  practice.

I have always had an affinity for learning and teaching. During my internship at Kessels & Smit, this interest has developed even more. The course Corporate Education, which I am following, helps me to deepen my knowledge as a consultant and developer.

My special interest is in “Cloud Learning”, a central point, a learning environment in a project or within an organization where people can get their inspiration from and can give and take information. It is accessible from all types  of equipment that is connected to  internet, with a save login, but that goes without saying. This system works best if you develop such a “cloud “ together with all the users and if you are able to keep it “in the air”. In this manner, learning anytime and anywhere comes within reach.

Some professionals and organizations embrace a few applications right away; others might have some hesitation. Everyone is searching for something new but at the same time there is a sense of fear of the unknown. There is a willingness to experiment but on the other hand the result is uncertain. They prefer something that has already proven itself but hé, in that case here is no need to experiment and as a result you will miss an important joint learning process.

ICT-applications  always act as supporting devices and will never replace personal contact. For me, the guideline is always: how the system can be bent towards the needs of people and not the other way around. Research for a user-friendly online learning environment is still in progress. That is a big