Philippa Kabali

Becoming Bodaciously me…! New steps for Philippa Kabali

Our colleague Philippa Kabali-Kagwa is leaving the Kessels & Smit company for new steps:


“Weighing the challenge of building the K&S business in South Africa, being available to meet my children’s varying needs (15 months, 15 years and 19 years!), and focusing on my own creative process I realized that something had to give. After much deliberation I chose to let go of the company, leaving one love for another deeper one....
I will now pursue my passion in storytelling and poetry and explore the power of the creative arts as a facilitation tool to inspire change and action. I have for a very long time felt the pull to focus on my writing and singing and to bring creative process into my work more consciously, and I now can no longer resist the pull. I can now focus on getting my creative project off the ground, and take care of the family without feeling pulled in too many directions. The relationships I have made in Kessels & Smit are strong, and I believe there will be opportunities for me to collaborate with my colleagues later.
This year I am working towards becoming 'bodaciously me...!' and am intending to create workshops for women to become more bodacious. We will use creative process, reflection, thinking possibility, conversation and the support of community to support movement into bold action - to be bodaciously themselves.   I have been working with an artist friend, Anne Wells, and couple of other women in our experimental Thursday morning Bodaciously me …! Workshop.  
We have been testing various activities that we intend to use in a Women’s Leadership workshop and as a Personal and Team Coaching process.  We have worked with story and archetypes, creative writing and video interviews.  We have worked with chalk pastels, done weaving with unusual materials and made ‘dolls’ using found objects as a means of exploring strengths, reframing challenges, articulating our aspirations.  The intention is not to make Art, but to use the arts as a language that enables the involvement of the whole human being – head, heart, body, spirit and imagination – in the process of personal leadership and development.  The results have been surprising and powerful. “
For further information you can contact Phillippa at or on +2782 894 1718.
Please read more about her new activities on her blog:

We want to wish Philippa a lot of inspiration and success in her new steps!