Voorkant Linking social capital

Linking social capital to knowledge productivity

Today I received the first copy of my book 'Linking social capital to knowledge productivity. An explorative study on the relationship between social capital and learning in knowledge-productive networks'.


Why are some networks more successful in achieving innovation than others? Why do some groups within organizations manage to operate without hierarchical boundaries, and at the same time achieve extraordinary, innovative results? How do they learn? And what kinds of network characteristics do they cherish? This book presents the process and findings of a four-year PhD study on these questions. With empirical data of more than seventeen networks a theoretical framework is presented in which characteristics of social capital are linked to knowledge productivity learning processes. This book invites you to connect to the world of social capital, participative research and innovative learning and at the same time offers a practical guide to get started within your own social network.


On the 16th of April at 15 o clock I will defend my PHD dissertation at the University of Twente. You are invited!