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What you do does matter. Personal Development at the Dutch Railways

By: Kemp van Ginkel, Robert van Noort, Sandra Ringeling, Heleen Herbert - ; Source: Wagenaar, S.M. ea. HRD Thema. Afl. 4: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Alphen aan den Rijn:Kluwer.   03-16-2001

In this article we explore the way managers at the Dutch Railways (DR) work on their personal development in the broader context of the organizational goals. We describe how structural attention for personal development forms a platform for organisational de-velopment. With this we want to illustrate how such a process can be structured. We begin with the reason to start a large scale development program within the Dutch Railways and the way organizational change goals are translated in the learning trajec-tory 'Destination: Customer in Action’. In describing this trajectory, we elaborate on the most important, assumptions, the set-up and the learning activities, illustrated by experiences of the personal learning trajec-tory of a manager involved.  Finally we assess the contribution of the learning trajectory on the organisational change goals and on the personal development of individual employees.