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Stages of Concern

By: Cora Smit - ; Source: In: Rondeel & Wagenaar. Kennis maken, leren in gezelschap. Scriptum. p. 166-192.   03-04-2002

When one begins a new line of work or learns a new and complex skill, then one passes through five predictable stages of development. These phases are characterised by a specific concern, a care or preoccupation. Whether it is learning to drive for the first time, directing, training or playing the cello, the initial stage will often result in a feeling of despair. One tries to survive and to form an image from the many impressions as quickly as possible. After this turbulent first phase of survival, another four phases follow: the need to perform the task well, being attentive to the people around one, the desire to have more impact by improving and innovating and lastly, wanting to share what one has learnt and achieved. Based on the reactions of people, it is possible to ascertain which phase they are in and what kind of support they need.