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Mariel Rondeel4 Mariel Rondeel

MariŽl Rondeel


Productive learning

I regard learning as a process that begins with the individual, with one’s passion and  curiosity; choosing for oneself how to live and work. These ideas form the basis of my work as a consultant, designer and mentor in learning processes. When I came into contact with people in the FCE Corporate  Education Course who had the same atti-tude to learning as I did, I felt as though I’d ‘come home’. That course had a defining effect on my way of thinking and working.

I can be greatly inspired by situations that have to be tackled in the work situation and, together with the people involved, I will devise smart solutions. I prefer to do so at their workplace, in the primary process, where they have ‘mud on their boots’.
What gives me pleasure is working with people in such a way that they set off to work full of anticipation, motivated and feeling good. I get a tremendous kick [out of] when they say, ”Right, we’re taking the next step”.
The guiding principle on which I base my work is productive learning: collaboratively making - learning by doing. My strength is that when I start something, I finish it. I find it fun to persevere, to stick with it. That’s also evident in relationships. I find the forming of relationships important and I invest in their sustainability. My approach is character-ised by goal-orientation and commitment. I bridge the gap between thinking and doing, making concepts concrete and relevant.

I do a lot of work in secondary and higher vocational education, modern production companies, the fire brigade / department, and healthcare. I am often called in as an expert in the field of educational design and content. “Can you help in our search for ...., will you take part in the development of” is a question that comes up day after day. In future, I would like to pursue more open questions, where the process and outcome remain still unknown and, where I can work, together with the client, on many possible concepts.