Margriet Schut 2

Margriet Schut


Building on strength and passion

My drive is to create movement in people, get them in flow. I began as a teacher, before developing as a trainer, consultant and coach. I’m all about contact and stimulating learning processes.


As a consultant I work in organisations by facilitating interaction, group processes and change processes. I always look for appropriate interventions that link learning and working.


Over the years and by consistenly building on my own coaching skills, I have discovered I can quickly get at the essence of things. I am able to recognise patterns of behaviour and thinking in individuals and (management) teams. Together we look for strengths and search for answers to questions such as: Why do you do what you do? What controls your behaviour? What drives you? That personal insight allows people to take new steps.


Enhancing and supporting personal development is a recurrent theme in my coaching of managers and professionals. By building on strength and passion from an appreciative perspective, by working on people’s beliefs and sometimes by confronting them, change can be perceived within a few sessions.


I also greatly value working with others on (cultural) change, by tapping into each individual’s (creative) strength and potential. I work with organisations in the Netherlands and in West and Southern Africa. In the Netherlands, I mainly deal with topics such as talent development, learning in organisations, professionalization of teachers and consultants, and leadership. In Africa I work in empowerment and education projects with young people and local professionals, community development and leadership.


My interest lies in working systemically in organisations, with teams and with individuals. In my experience, change is at its most powerful if you involve the whole system and find a dynamic balance between its different elements. In the coming time, I want to do more with this focus on collective learning.