Marloes de Jong


Being aware of your effect on others


The question that I'm most involved with in my work is: how effective are you? I help people focus on the effect their behaviour has on both themselves and others. I believe that it's really important to be aware of the impact of our own actions. Once you become aware, you are presented with a choice: stay the same or make a change. A freedom of choice then results in accountability: you can be approached and questioned by others. This makes it a lot easier to tackle the situation openly and effectively as an individual - and also as part of a team. But the impact of accountability can extend even further: by taking responsibility for your own choices, you contribute to a healthy organisation - and even to a healthy society.


Open discourse

I enjoy designing forms and processes that create an environment in which open discourse and learning can take place. One example is passing round a bunch of keys as an ice-breaker during the introductory round of a group session. This can bring out a whole new side to your colleagues. Another example involves presentation: the results of a day's teamworking are better illustrated in the form of a colourful company magazine, rather than just on a sheet of paper in black and white.


All pieces of the puzzle

What comes in handy in this line of work is my previous background in organisational anthropology, which had a particular focus on interaction between individuals and their surrounding systems. One-on-one consultation can do a lot to change a person and their environment. But in order to effectively change a system, you need to have all the 'pieces of the puzzle' in place. That's why I find it important to also get colleagues, management, support staff and clients involved.


Sustainable change

My aim is to bring about sustainable change. I'd like to focus more heavily on this aspect in the near future. Alongside running workshops with individual teams and subgroups, I also want to observe professionals in their own work environment, so that I can actively 'prompt' them. Applying different counselling techniques will allow me to react more spontaneously to each work situation. That is how I hope to increase the effectiveness of my professional activities.