Lieve Scheepers


“Something does not exist until you tell somebody else

(Christien Brinkgreve, De ogen van de ander)


Every person has his own story. Written by context, experiences and encounters. The combination of those makes somebody unique, always. This means, as many stories as there are people.


In organizations and teams, all those stories of all those people come together. Moreover, they are continued there and at the same time, it is asked, expected to cooperate on a bigger and more coordinating piece.


That process fascinates me endlessly: how to connect people, each of them with his/her own Me, in a way that they feel it’s worthwhile to create something beautiful together? Where they can feel the space to act on what they find is important and at the same time feel the desire to work on the whole?

The individual and the community. By now, I know this is a tension and I think this will continue to be so for a while. However, the degree of willingness of people to get into in-depth conversations with each other, to investigate where they connect, will determine whether this tension will lead to something new or will fade away. Whether it will give energy or take it away.


My strength lies in supporting these kinds of (change) processes. I can create an environment of safety, where people like to tell each other, ask the right questions and like to listen to each other. They need each other’s eyes to find new perspectives. Sometimes to discover and recognize hidden potentials and restrictions, in themselves or the other. This discovery then often leads to getting  grip on  more broaden solutions in (work)live. Focused on connecting the differences instead of fighting them.


To develop a collective story on a feasible future, with a team or an individual, looking at how to connect the individual and the united desire, looking at how it could be and then work with what is already there and flies in. That is what I believe in and that is why I choose this approach.