Hanneke Queens

Hanneke Queens


Supporting people and organisations with technology

I love spending time on creative pursuits. Making music is one of my greatest passions. When I started work at Kessels & Smit after my studies in musicology I noticed that I could also indulge this creativity in other things: making websites, designing brochures, creating lay-outs for tools and posters, making photographs.


I am not only involved in (web) design but also in ICT & Digital Communication. That type of work suits me very much, I enjoy the logic in it. Sometimes you have to be very creative in searching for solutions - it’s like a good puzzle.

Technology these days is evolving at lightning speed. The role of the Internet will only grow in the future and it will be omnipresent: portable, wireless, everywhere, all the time. I enjoy helping colleagues think about opportunities in this field.

We are a company that seeks to inspire each other and ‘external parties’. How can we make full use of technology to produce greater convenience and more profit? And how can we use technology to support people and organisations in learning, development and change? Interesting and challenging questions that I like to work on.


I also really enjoy the ‘people’ aspect of the job. At Kessels & Smit we think in terms of the strengths of the people in the organisation in a very positive, appreciative way. That perspective reflects itself in projects, and also in how we interact with each other. We encourage and support each other to develop our talents further. For myself, I’ll be delving more deeply into the subjects of psychology, coaching & pedagogy in the future.