14 jan

Generative Journalism Learning Journey

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By being more present in our conversations and asking questions that matter, we can ignite energy and connection. We can reconnect people with the deeply heart-centred goals of their workplaces. We can spark joy, inspiration, and hope. Generative Organizational Journalism (GOJO) thickens the rope of generative stories into a desired future story by story.


Kessels & Smit and Axiom News are offering a Learning Journey into Generative Journalism. Mara Spruyt, Derk van der Pol, and Marijke Boessenkool of Kessels & Smit, and Peter Pula of Axiom News will guide you through a lived experience of Generative Journalism. This four-part course is intended for organizational leaders, journalists, communications directors, executives, change leaders, and the GOJO Curious.


If you would like to experience the potential of Generative Organizational Journalism to ignite the gifts and possibilities in your own organization or community, this series might be for you.



  • January 14, 28 and February 11, 25
    7:00 am PST \ 10:00 am EST \ 3:00 pm GMT \ 4:00 pm GMT+1



We will explore topics like:

  • The Art of Generative Questions
  • Flipping a Question for Fun and Energy
  • A GOJO toolbox
  • Creating a Collage of Meaning
  • How You Can Own Your Own Media
  • Being Seen and Storied
  • Designing GOJO Architecture


Together we can enable and ennoble organizations to liberate the gifts and strengths of their members to shape the purpose and culture of their workplace every day. These deeply democratic organizations will become places of wholeness and health. The social contract between people and the places they work can be rewritten, story by story, in generative terms.