Katrien Massa

Katrien Massa


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Recognise what's present, make room for what's to come

Change and learning processes fascinate me. Especially when a process involves bringing the best out in people both on an individual basis and as part of an organisation. How I help facilitate this process is first by investigating what is important and what needs to be achieved in the workplace. From that point on, we can start to jointly realise something that was in essence already present. I like to see myself as the catalyst in this process.

My three-pronged work involves organisational, leadership and team development: design and facilitation of change and learning programmes, coaching and facilitating teamwork.


New meaning

I'm in my element in an environment where scientific and logistic processes play a key role, as I can quickly relate to and understand those processes and the people involved in them. I prefer to work in close contact with organisational leaders and their partners. I see that partnership and joint participation are important to effective, long-lasting change.
People begin to feel confident about what's to come, by acknowledging what is already there and giving it new meaning. Through my background as an NLP Master Practitioner, I am able to focus on meaningful patterns of interaction and pinpoint the areas that can be strengthened using means of interaction that fully facilitate connecting with colleagues.


My background

In 1994, I graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Ghent in Belgium. I started my career at Volvo Cars Ghent. Later on I became particularly interested in the human side of processes and started working for Volvo Interface in group, personnel and organisational development. I carried out projects incorporating knowledge management and the application of technology as a learning tool, and developed and facilitated learning programmes with the themes of self-guidance, teamwork and leadership.
I became a consultant in 2001 and have been working for the Belgian branch of Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company since its inception in 2003.