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Luk Dewulf


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Always choose to do what you’re good at

The pivotal question in my work is always: how do you utilise the potential that exists within every person and every system? If you push someone’s strengths he or she can truly be of value in their environment. The only sustainable basis for healthy people and strong organisations is consistently choosing what you are good at. That also helps you keep developing and growing, in an environment that suits you.


Appreciative Inquiry

That’s why I like especially working with Appreciative Inquiry (AI). It’s a wonderful approach to mobilising strengths in any social system. To that end, I am focusing on work in Flanders, taking advantage of international contacts within our Learning Company and with Ron Fry and David Cooperrider in Cleveland – birthplace of AI.


Large groups and individuals

I enjoy working with large groups. What develops in a large group intervention is different from what happens in smaller interactions: a ‘vibe’ in which people grow with each other, creating something new. Involving citizens in innovation and participation processes in assignments of the Flemish Parliament or the European Commission gives an extra dimension to my work.

But I’m just as happy working with individuals: in coaching, helping someone find the words for what they enjoy doing. Paraphrasing, listening, investigating, summarising... that is often enough to help someone to play to their strengths.
This is an aspect I also enjoy when supporting HRD or change professionals.

Seeing how people get stronger and grow, that does it for me. Then I’m playing to my strengths!