Ans Grotendorst2

Ans Grotendorst


dieses profil liegt nicht deutschsprachig vor

Let the road unfold by travelling it

I began my long career by teaching young children at primary school. That was in a Freinet school, a ‘school with the printing press’ as they were also known at the time. During and after my studies in Educational Sciences I worked with young people and adults, in vocational and corporate education.


A guiding principle then and now is learning, not instructing. Whether we are talking about organisational development, personal development or professional development: it is your learning process – learning from work, and learning to work.


Whenever I see the emphasis being placed on failures and on people’s limits, instead of on their strengths and abilities, that bothers me. I want to support and assist people who are taking their next step with daring and self-confidence. I love working with all I’ve got as the person and the professional that I now am.


I love to learn, my strength is adaptibility, living in the moment, letting the road unfold by travelling it. As I grow older, I am able to move between life’s layers, drawing upon different sources of inspiration. These strata have been laid down by the experiences of my life and work. I feel a richer person and coach because of them.


I find inspiration in literature and in philosophical work. Reading helps me organise my thoughts, deal with my emotions, and find words for what drives me.

I find calm in nature as well, during cycle rides through my beloved Waterland and along the IJsselmeer: water as far as the eye can see, the wind in my hair, the sound of birdsong all around.


I enjoy associating with projects on learning, development, safety, sustainability and health, and find these often in the public sector.


What I want, today and tomorrow, is to be present, to care, to contribute - paying attention to whom and to what needs it. Working with my head and my heart.